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Sound Familiar To You?

  • “Even if I find a winner or two, I still lose money”.
  • “I don’t know how to set up a punting bank or stake correctly”
  • “I don’t have time to do video replays or spend hours studying the form”
  • “What does track pattern/bias have to do with it?”
  • “I have no idea how to price a horses chance to win the race, or how to find value?”
  • “I don’t understand what it means to set myself up for long term success”

Have you ever uttered the words above? If so you keep reading below as the WinningPunter Service is for you!


Only 2-5% Punters will find themselves in winning positions long term. Tough Stats To Beat.

There are 3 main reasons for this :

  1. The amount of data you need to collect.
  2. The time and skill needed to accurately process that data.
  3. The lack of Psychological Skills to profit from Gambling.


This is where the WinningPunter Services Come In

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The WinningPunter Services provide unparalleled Racing Intelligence, Staking Expertise, Speed Map Reports and Market Analysis.


The Subscription Services are incredibly versatile. You can use the betting recommendations in a set and forget method or to aid your own form analysis.


All bets suggested within the service come with Price Recommendation, Staking Plans and Bookmaker Options.


If you are a more advanced level punter you can use the betting sheets to compliment your own form study. Betting Sheets come complete with Speed Map Analyses, Personal Market Analysis set to 100% and detailed Race Comments.


Profit is what the WinningPunter Service is all about. Being able to grow your punting banks long term without exposing yourself to high amounts of risk.

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Profit Guarantee


If you subscribe to a Three Month or One Year Subscription and don’t make a profit. You will get your subscription length doubled for FREE.


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Example Bet Sheet


Here’s an Example of the Betting Sheets sent out. This is for Emirate Stakes Day. Click Here


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2018 Results – Using a 100 Unit Bank – 1 Unit = $100


Group 1 Service

Live Spreadsheet

Profit: 19.25 units

Strike Rate: 25.6%

Profit On Turnover: 12.12%

Average Winning Odds: $3.87


Best Bets Service ( Only Started 14th February)

Live Spreadsheet

Profit: 11.18 Units

Strike Rate: 46.7%

Profit On Turnover: 54.83%

Average Winning Odds: $2.96


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Below is the complete Historical Graph Of The Service.



I make sure that the Results on the site are the minimum possible results available. When suggesting fixed odds I only take prices available at multiple bookmakers. The first half of the service result were recorded at top tote. It should be possible to at most times do better than the results recorded. At all times the WinningPunter Service’s Results can be found at the Results section of the site.


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What The Punters Have To Say


These are just some off the comments from the WinningPunter Facebook Page


WinningPunter Membership

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